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Alexander Dennis E50D    (Product with FU482 Workshop)

Since 2014, the OMSI ADL E500MMC continues to be our most successful project. Therefore, this E500MMC will definitely creates another type of enjoyment for you. We have great improvements in gearbox part by rewriting part of the gearbox scripts. Moreover, we have updated the Telargo system so the development process will be easier than ever for add-on developers. Thanks to Anthracene-OMSI-Sound-Tuner-Studio for the motor sound, PZ8904 Production for the data of the route display and others who had played an important role during the development process.

我們與FU482 Workshop的E500MMC合作項目於2014年曾觸目一時。不過,因為技術尚未成熟,當時的作品被反映有各種的問題。因此,我們特別改善了波箱設定及走行音,希望此項目可以繼續受大家喜愛。此車同時加入了Telargo的新系統,有興趣的Add-on開發者可以研究這個新系統。

We are so grateful to our working partner, FU482 Workshop, that had been working with us for more 3 years.

特別感謝FU482 Workshop一直與我們合作3年。

Anthracene OMSI Sound Tuner Studio
PZ8904 Production
高橋 みなみ - 技術支援
Andy Chan

歡迎以捐贈以表對我們的支持, 多謝
Thank you for your support


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